A Recruiter’s Bible

The Most Important Aspects Of Any Recruiter’s CV

If you’re a Recruiter in the job market or considering exploring opportunities within recruitment you need to stand out from the crowd in order to secure new, competitive roles.

1. Personal Statement?

A CV should paint a picture of you, the unique individual that you are. Your CV should reinforce your character, personality and professional profile. Your career objectives should be included in your personal statement. Make sure this doesn’t come across like an essay, keep it short, sweet and to the point.

2. Billings

It is true that the Recruitment industry, is an industry of people and relationship building. More importantly, an aspect a lot of South African Recruitment professionals seem to forget, is that Recruitment was and always will be a ‘Numbers Game’.

If you aim and commit to becoming an A-team player or game-changer within the industry, Generalist or Specialist – your character and personality will automatically be established and you’ll become known as an expert in your field. What about your earning potential and career development as that game-changer or A-team player? Do your billings reflect your success at what you do?

The standard expectation for any Recruiter within the industry today, is to bill a minimum of R100K per month, consistently. As we know, within our industry of dealing with people, and the processes of negotiation – things can go wrong. Even if you had planned your month’s production down to a tee.

We would still interview a Recruiter who has NOT billed well or consistently as this could be a core reason why you are in the job market; maybe you are in a declining market/sector? Whatever the reason, if you can show your billings or production activity – we can investigate reasons behind your production and assist with your career development in various ways.

3. Achievements

Your billings and achievements are not one and the same. Certain achievements may align with your billings, but your career achievements should include any aspects to your career that is worth ‘shouting out’ about, for you personally.

4. Career Track Record

Include a concise and chronological employment history, starting with your current or most recent role – dates and position held. Only list aspects regarding each role that should jump out at the reader, such as your targets reached/exceeded and specific achievements. Reasons for leaving should be clear and valid under each position.

5. References

Due to the tight-knit Recruitment culture within SA, it is more than acceptable for a Recruiter to list referee details as “available on request”. Get in touch with your referees in advance to notify them that you have listed them as a referee within your CV.

6. Social Media Links

The first thing any Rec2Rec Recruiter or future employer agency would do is to check you out on LinkedIn and a few other social media platforms. Ensure your LinkedIn profile has an All-Star rating and would generally stand out from the crowd. Be careful and considerate when posting to any of your social media profiles, as what you post also reflects who you are.

The Author: Piya Botha.

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Recruiters for Recruiters

Recruiters for Recruiters – The Importance and Benefits of Rec2Rec

The recruitment to recruitment sector, more commonly known as Rec2Rec, is a practice born in the 90’s and a concept that has been questioned for its existence ever since. Some industry professionals have argued that recruiters or recruitment agencies needing an external recruiter to recruit recruiters for them seemed like an unnecessary requirement. 

Let’s fast forward to present day – we argue in favour of this sub-niche. The practice and concept of Rec2Rec has turned over a new leaf over the years since its inception. Rec2Rec has become a sector in its own right and requires highly specialised skills, efforts and services from experienced Rec2Rec agencies and consultants.

A question frequently posed to a Rec2Rec Recruiter: “I’m a seasoned recruiter who can find my own job/own recruiters, why would I use a Rec2Rec?”

Let us enlighten you as to what the value proposition is to using a Rec2Rec – more specifically, why use us?

The importance and benefits of using a Rec2Rec lends itself to both recruitment professionals and recruitment agencies.

So where do we add value?

  • It comes down to Specialisation. We are Specialists in what we do, just as you or your agency are Specialists in what you do. As a Rec2Rec we open doors that weren’t there, to both our candidates (recruitment professionals) and clients (recruitment agencies).
  • Confidentiality and discretion is key in our close-knit recruitment community. As a client of ours you gain access to exclusive candidates; the A-players, game changers and purple unicorns that are under the radar. The same can be said for our candidates – gain access to exclusive vacant positions that are not necessarily being advertised. On the flip side, it is a risky business to showcase or update your CV on the online portals we all love and use – let us market you in confidence.
  • We save you valuable time. As we know in sales and recruitment – time is money! Job searching is a time consuming activity; time you don’t have if you’re busy chasing your own targets. As a candidate we take care of timeous searches for you, it costs you nothing and frees up your time. If you’re a client, we can assist in providing an immediate service with an existing database of recruitment professionals only – it is equally as time consuming for you to source calibre and billing Recruiters (we would know 😉).
  • We will arm you with all the facts. Our candidates receive exclusive information about companies, roles, cultures and environments, expectations and concerns instead of going through a brutal process of figuring and fishing it out for yourself. We provide unique insight to our clients who might have discarded a CV at face value; providing you with facts about a candidate’s true abilities and character over and above skills and abilities. As a Rec2Rec we make it our job to make sure you get the opportunity to interview – both sides of the spectrum.

To conclude – the job of a Rec2Rec Recruiter or Agency has been gaining importance within the recruitment sector as we offer skills, insights and convenience that overcome the prominent hurdles in recruiting recruiters.

As an established Rec2Rec agency in South Africa, Placement People has a national based book of clients who are looking for successful and motivated billing Recruiters who are ready to invest in their next career move.

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment 

The Pillars of Success in Recruitment Newsletter 5 – Building Solid Networks.

The Pillars of Success in Recruitment Newsletter 5

# Building Solid Networks

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment 

The Pillars of Success in Recruitment – Building Solid Networks. As a recruiter your livelihood depends on WHO you know and how much INFLUENCE you have with the people you know or are connected to. It is common knowledge that being present and active on all social media platforms is essential for success as a recruiter. However, you can have large numbers of connections on Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook etc with no influence and the effort to grow those networks is meaningless. This is also true of your physical networks, having many acquaintances does not automatically result in making a difference or influencing them.

Here are a few tips on building networks whether they are on social media or physical:

  1. Know your goals. Who is your target market and what do you want to achieve by connecting?
  2. Keep in mind professionals are real people, be authentic, show a keen interest in who they are.
  3. Be present, respond to anyone who approaches you even if you are not able to assist them.
  4. Offer something without expecting anything in return. Helpful articles on relevant topics for your target market is a good starting point.
  5. Do some pro-bona work in your community.
  6. Consciously create a credible and trustworthy profile. ‘Do what you say and say what you do’ whether that is in person or on social media.
  7. Your content including photos and images should be appropriate and professional but interesting.

Make it a daily priority to connect with someone new and encourage a group or an individual who is part of your network. You will grow your self esteem and leave a legacy as you go!

Human beings have a need to be connected, create meaning and find fulfilment, recruitment offers all the above with the bonus of the opportunity to make a great living. Have fun, build networks and let those placements roll in.

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