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Company Profile – The Impact Group was established in 2013 as a consulting firm focused on the training and development of people in the workplace.
We strongly believe that a business is only sustainable when its employees flourish and reach their full potential.
We are guided by a clear understanding of the needs of our clients when we implement specific interventions with targeted outcomes.
Since inception The Impact Group has contributed to optimizing the bottom-line performance of organizations such as EOH, Adcorp, Advtech, Mindworx, Manpower and Quintiles SA.

The Impact Group consists of 3 divisions

PLACEMENT PEOPLE: Specialist Recruitment to Recruitment company specialising in the placement of recruitment and talent acquisitions professionals.  
GRAD2PRO: Identifying, equipping and placing exceptional graduates in the recruitment industry
THE IMPACT GROUP TRAINING ACADEMY: Strategy Sessions, Sales Training, Recruitment Training, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Life Coaching

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Placement People, a division of The Impact Group, is a specialist Recruitment company that focuses on providing the Recruitment Industry with skilled staff ranging from junior roles through to Executives.

The company was established in 2013 and has built a large network and database of high calibre candidates. Our clients range from large listed entities to small boutique agencies and it is our mission to make a positive impact to the recruitment industry by paying specific attention to the individual requirements of both candidate and client.

Our passion is to improve the bottom line performance of organizations whilst contributing to the career growth and development of individuals and teams.

We define a successful placement as the optimal match between the candidate, role and the cultural environment.

Our goal is to find suitable candidates in the shortest possible time that will excel in their roles and remain with employers for a long time.  We also provide our candidates with sound advice to make sensible moves at the right time.

Placement People specialises in placing recruiters within corporates or into agency environments.

Services include contingency based recruitment, RPO’s on a project basis and contracts.

Our flexible recruitment offering is provided as follows:

  • Contingency basis: clients pay an agreed fee every time a placement is made
  • Outsourcing basis: we assume full responsibility of our client’s recruitment function
  • Providing Independent Contractors on a Project Basis
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INTRODUCTION – Company Profile

Grad2Pro was established in 2017 and our vision is to disrupt the reputation of the recruitment industry by creating a sourced pool of well -trained highly skilled recruitment professionals whilst providing remarkable graduates the opportunity of building a career in Recruitment.

As a division of The Impact Group [established 2013] we strongly believe that a business is only sustainable when its employees flourish and reach their full potential. It is our intention to make a meaningful contribution to graduates and business through the GRAD2PRO project.


Sourcing and Selection

The selection process is stringent and only applicants who have the correct skillset, attitude and personality for success in recruitment are selected to attend the training program.

To qualify graduates, need to have:

  1. excellent matric results and have
  2. completed their degrees within the required period with no failed subjects.
  3. In addition, applicants complete a series of assessments including a DISC and a logical reasoning profile in which they must perform well against a set benchmark.

We select candidates who have strong entrepreneurial instincts and the potential to succeed in a driven and pressurized sales environment.

The shortlisted applicants are telephonically screened and, if successful, invited to an interview. The interviews are competency based and each candidate is scored objectively against pre-determined questions. Candidates who perform well in the first round are invited to a panel interview in which they are required to do a presentation on a researched topic.

This method is used to assess their ability to research, think on their feet, communicate effectively and perform under pressure.


The Facilitators

Successful candidates attend a 3-week Intensive Recruitment Training program in which the basic steps of the recruitment sales process are trained. The facilitators are Marilize Erasmus and Dalene Lewis who have 40 years combined experience in the recruitment industry.

The Content

The program emphasis is on gaining practical experience, whilst still being exposed to the basic theory of recruitment.

We follow a blended learning approach 70% practical, 20% theory and 10% peer learning.

Participants are assessed throughout the program and the pass rate is a minimum of 75% in the final assessment.

The program includes:

  • Recruitment Process: Pillars and Process for Recruitment Success
  • Sourcing candidates: ATTRACT, ENGAGE, SECURE. Utilising Social Media, Boolean searches, Effective Advertising,  attracting Passive Candidates and the power of networking. Qualifying and Identifying Superior Skills
  • New Business Development: Candidate Marketing, Cold Calling, Following Up on Leads, Researching companies, Scripts and the art of smart questions, Consultative Selling
  • Interviewing and Qualifying Candidates
  • Job Specs and Projects
  • The Art of Closing
  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Business Communication skills and Business Etiquette for Graduate.


Companies who are interested in employing successful graduates are given the opportunity to ‘pre-interview’ candidates or can request that we select candidates for them to interview after the first week and based upon our interim assessment of the program participants.

Companies who commit to employing grads before the program starts are given first choice and can interview as many of the participating graduates as they wish. Should a company prefer to wait until the program is complete and then interview graduates they will only have the opportunity to interview graduates who have not been pre-employed should there be any available.

All graduates are reference checked and Grad2Pro provides a report on each participants’ performance highlighting strengths and areas which need additional training. Over and above the 3 months coaching which is included in the initial investment extra individual mentoring can be provided at a fee.


R 18 000 (excl.)  includes the selection, training, placement and 3 month mentoring program.

Should you be interested please do not hesitate to contact us on: 012 100 3090 or mail to


To date we have run with 3 Programs and successfully trained and placed 23 graduates.





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Results in first 3 Months

8 placements

5  placements


Voluntary withdrawal








The Impact Group Training Academy aims to empower recruitment professionals with practical and powerful techniques to unleash their full potential to perform at their peak.

 We offer several specialised and highly practical interventions that focus on The Recruitment Sales Process which includes programmes such as:

  1. Recruitment Steps to Success
  2. Sourcing Candidates: Identifying, Enticing and Engaging Active and Passive Candidates
  3. The Art of Interviewing and Qualifying Candidates
  4. Closing
  5. New Business Development
  6. Client Development
  7. Project Management for Recruiters
  8. Planning and Goal Setting
  9. Management and Leadership Training

In addition, The Impact Group Training Academy offers facilitated Strategic Sessions, Executive and Business Coaching and Team Building opportunities.

We also do at desk assessments and create training programmes specific to the requirements of your recruiters based on the outcome of the At Desk Assessments.

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