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Recruiters for Recruiters – The Importance and Benefits of Rec2Rec

The recruitment to recruitment sector, more commonly known as Rec2Rec, is a practice born in the 90’s and a concept that has been questioned for its existence ever since. Some industry professionals have argued that recruiters or recruitment agencies needing an external recruiter to recruit recruiters for them seemed like an unnecessary requirement. 

Let’s fast forward to present day – we argue in favour of this sub-niche. The practice and concept of Rec2Rec has turned over a new leaf over the years since its inception. Rec2Rec has become a sector in its own right and requires highly specialised skills, efforts and services from experienced Rec2Rec agencies and consultants.

A question frequently posed to a Rec2Rec Recruiter: “I’m a seasoned recruiter who can find my own job/own recruiters, why would I use a Rec2Rec?”

Let us enlighten you as to what the value proposition is to using a Rec2Rec – more specifically, why use us?

The importance and benefits of using a Rec2Rec lends itself to both recruitment professionals and recruitment agencies.

So where do we add value?

  • It comes down to Specialisation. We are Specialists in what we do, just as you or your agency are Specialists in what you do. As a Rec2Rec we open doors that weren’t there, to both our candidates (recruitment professionals) and clients (recruitment agencies).
  • Confidentiality and discretion is key in our close-knit recruitment community. As a client of ours you gain access to exclusive candidates; the A-players, game changers and purple unicorns that are under the radar. The same can be said for our candidates – gain access to exclusive vacant positions that are not necessarily being advertised. On the flip side, it is a risky business to showcase or update your CV on the online portals we all love and use – let us market you in confidence.
  • We save you valuable time. As we know in sales and recruitment – time is money! Job searching is a time consuming activity; time you don’t have if you’re busy chasing your own targets. As a candidate we take care of timeous searches for you, it costs you nothing and frees up your time. If you’re a client, we can assist in providing an immediate service with an existing database of recruitment professionals only – it is equally as time consuming for you to source calibre and billing Recruiters (we would know 😉).
  • We will arm you with all the facts. Our candidates receive exclusive information about companies, roles, cultures and environments, expectations and concerns instead of going through a brutal process of figuring and fishing it out for yourself. We provide unique insight to our clients who might have discarded a CV at face value; providing you with facts about a candidate’s true abilities and character over and above skills and abilities. As a Rec2Rec we make it our job to make sure you get the opportunity to interview – both sides of the spectrum.

To conclude – the job of a Rec2Rec Recruiter or Agency has been gaining importance within the recruitment sector as we offer skills, insights and convenience that overcome the prominent hurdles in recruiting recruiters.

As an established Rec2Rec agency in South Africa, Placement People has a national based book of clients who are looking for successful and motivated billing Recruiters who are ready to invest in their next career move.

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