The Pillars for Success in Recruitment 

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment Newsletter 2

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment – Newsletter 2

Recruiter!  Are you making your target every month? Here’s a tip to get there!

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment 

This is the second article in our series of how to consistently achieve success on your desk as a recruiter (The Pillars for Success in Recruitment). Our world goes around when we make placements and yet many recruiters are experts in consistent inconsistency!

One of the basic skills required is the art of closing, the adage Always Be Closing may cause a yawn or two but is undeniably a critical success factor in the recruitment process.

From the first contact with your candidate and client you should use incisive questions to gain an understanding of their specific requirements and expectations to move them along the process to extending/accepting an offer. Closing effectively and making placements means that the following needs to be in place:

  1. Understand the candidate/client’s exact requirements -have a clear picture in your mind of what they need
  2. Have the full cooperation of the candidate and client-availability for interviews, total commitment and transparent communication in place
  3. Be certain that the candidate/client is serious and actively in the market
  4. Know who the major decisionmaker is or, in the case of the candidate, who influences his/her decisions
  5. Have a full breakdown of the package being offered/understand the candidate’s salary slip in detail
  6. What is the why? Why does the vacancy exist? Why is the candidate wanting to make a move [what are the reasons for leaving?].
  7. Always close the client high and the candidate on a lateral salary move.
  8. Manage expectations and time lines throughout the process, do not make assumptions and keep contact with all parties constantly.
  9. Test close all the time throughout the process.
  10. Reconfirm the process and time-lines and re -qualify the candidate and the client in every conversation, ensure that you understand what the competition factors are.
  11. Ask yourself What Can Go Wrong and ensure that you have preventative measures in place.
  12. Always have a back- up plan.

Candidates and clients depend on us , the recruiters, to fulfil the requirements they have and it is our responsibility to educate and ensure that where the deal is a win -win for both parties we negotiate, influence and close with excellence.

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