The Pillars for Success in Recruitment 

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment 

Recruiter!  Are you making your target every month? Here’s a tip to make it!

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment. 

The Pillars for Success in Recruitment.

There are numerous factors that contribute to achieving consistent success in the recruitment business.  The Impact Group Business Consulting and Training division understands the importance of possessing the relevant competencies, attitude and skill set to consistently achieve your targets. In the next few newsletters I will explore the 7 factors that determine consistent success on a recruiter’s desk.

As recruiters we firmly believe that we are unique individuals who develop our own style and approach to achieving success in this industry, no one size fits all solution is sustainable, however it is a given that to be successful we must follow certain procedures and have set principles by which we approach life as a professional recruiter. Like baking a cake, you need the correct ingredients and method for success.

We call it The Pillars for Success in Recruitment.

The lack of Planning and Organizing is an important reason why many recruiters manage to consistently achieve inconsistent billings/targets.

Planning starts with goal setting: understanding what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and by when you must achieve it. Everyone is well versed in the theory of setting SMART [Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, Time Bound] goals, but only the select few possess the discipline and perseverance to consistently set SMART plans and more importantly work the plan.

To plan properly you should understand your numbers; after all it is numbers that make the world go around!

What is your average placement value?

How many placements do you make in a month?

How many client interviews [send outs] do you make in a month?

How many job specs [client vacancies] do you work in a month?

When you have collated your stats [at least 3 months’ stats and the average thereof] you can work out the ratios and from there calculate what activities are required to achieve the target you have set.

Here is an example:

Average placement value R50 000

Number of placements             2

Client Interviews                       10

Job Specs                                   8

To achieve a target of R 100 000 per month you need:

4 placements

20 send outs [client interviews]

16 Job Specs

The next step is to do a desk audit, like doing a stock take for a tuck shop, how many qualified specs do you have? How many qualified MPC’s [most placeable candidates]and what are your action plans on each of these potential placements. When applied consistently this is the science that turns recruitment into a success making machine.

Once you know what you have you can start doing the necessary research, plan your business development calls, plan and research your sourcing calls and slot this into a month, week and daily planner. This is the how of achieving your target consistently.

Planning and Organizing lays the foundation for a successful desk.

Organize your desk by ensuring you have folders and files that categorize candidates, clients and your call lists, work your LinkedIn [and other social media] daily and set a schedule that works for you to be at the top of your productive game.

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